Male enhancement is not a topic that most men want to discuss. Although a large number of men look into and pursue options targeted at male enhancement, it can be difficult to discuss even with doctors or other medical professionals.

Most men hesitate in telling someone that they’re interested in male enhancement. These conversations can be awkward and embarrassing, even with the most professional doctors or technicians. What men don’t realize is that male enhancement does not necessarily have to involve undergoing surgery or turning to some other type of medical treatment.

Whether you like it or not, for many men it gets increasingly difficult to perform sexually as the years advance. While every individual is different, for a lot of men impotency (erectile dysfunction) can become an ever worsening problem.

Although ED is often thought of as a condition caused by old age, it is in fact something that can be caused by a wide range of conditions, so much so that it’s estimated around 20 million men in the USA alone will suffer from ED at some time in their life.

The ED Culprit

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for intimate activity. While it’s most frequently seen in 50% – 65% of males aged 65 and older and nearly all men over the age of 70, erectile dysfunction affects up to 39% of 40 year-old men too and more than 35 million men total in the United States.

Left untreated, the physical frustrations of living with erectile dysfunction can quickly turn emotionally stressful as well, with men often reporting relationship difficulties and related issues.

The ED Origins

There are myriad factors, both mental and physical, that may contribute to erectile dysfunction symptoms. Some of the most common impotence causes include diabetes, hypertension, prostate problems, low testosterone and obesity, which can not only put a damper on your sexual enjoyment, but play a key role in total male vitality as well.

Even medications that are often prescribed to control some of these issues can be responsible for the resulting and frustrating symptoms of ED. For example, there are factors like depression, stress and anxiety that can leave you longing for your glory days. This can lead to the coping mechanisms like alcohol and tobacco that can complicate any bedroom activities, making sex less satisfying for any man and his partner.

If you’re suffering from ED you’ll need a compassionate ear and thoughtfully considered solutions as to what may be contributing to your ED symptoms, followed by an effective, personalized treatment.

The Call for Male Enhancement Supplements

There is an undeniable relationship between a man’s sexual performance and self-esteem. And lower self-esteem and self-confidence can have a significant impact on a man’s social life and sense of well-being.

Male enhancement can be as easy as using a supplement formulated with natural ingredients. A male enhancement supplement can offer a wide variety of benefits to men.  While these supplements differ greatly from medical or surgical options for male sexual improvement, they can make a dramatic difference when it comes to your sex life.

The best male enhancement products can help to boost your stamina, make you appear firmer, and even enhance your libido.  Male enhancement supplements are incredibly common, even to a fault and perhaps too common for our own good. There are so many different brands of male enhancement supplements available it can be difficult for men to make a decision regarding which one to purchase and to know which one really works for them.  For this particular problem it’s useful to consult male enhancement reviews of ingredients and products.

An effective male enhancement supplement works in several ways to increase overall sexual performance. First, it increases blood circulation, increases arousal and boosts free testosterone levels.  This allows its wide range of effects on the body, including an increase in sexual stamina, improved quality of an erection, increased sexual response and better sexual spontaneity.2  Hey, it’s a winner all around!

The Safety Concern

Given the vast number of such supplements on the market and the incredible claims being made by many of them, it can get confusing whether these actually work and whether they would harm the body.  This is why it’s always useful to first do a bit of research, checking various male enhancement reviews and finally settling for a product that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients.  Make certain you’re aware of what you’re putting into your body and that you’re comfortable with the product claims and ingredients.

Most pills containing only natural herbs and extracts can help overall health, even if they do not visibly enhance sexual performance but are still safe to consume.  Some of the popular herbs used in these pills include Ginkgo Biloba, Epiderminum, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek and so on, that have long been used as part of Chinese medicine or other Asian and South American medical practices.

The Nutritional Value

There are pills that act as a health supplement by being packed with nutrients.  Such male enhancement supplements increase your energy so you feel great.  Remarkably, a person who remains tired and exhausted most of the time can actually tell the difference in their renewed energy after taking sexual enhancement pills.

When you know the true male enhancement facts, you are less likely to get lured by false claims and instead able to take advantage of the benefits of such pills.

The Bit “T” – Testosterone

Testosterone plays one of the significant roles in a man’s development.  At puberty, this hormone plays a vital role.  It helps develop masculine features that differentiate a boy from a girl.

Free testosterone is the building block for every man’s genetic makeup.  It’s what gives you your sex-drive, muscle definition, energy, and metabolism.  By boosting testosterone, you will feel like a brand-new man.

The proper male enhancement tools put your sexual performance into overdrive, allowing you to perform longer, perform harder, perform even better and last longer in bed.

Increased blood flow lets you experience erections with ease.  Forget about having weaker and smaller erections.  Follow a proper male enhancement regiment every day and get the size that boosts confidence and pleasure.

You’ve heard the common clichés such as, “How testosterone separates average men from superior males” and “How men with low testosterone are four times more likely to suffer from depression.”

Well, there is some truth to that.  As men age, the feel like they’re slowing down, like they’re not the men they once were, and they wish they could go back to their youth and relive their glory days.  Most men think there’s nothing they can do to change their situation or improve their testosterone levels naturally.

Most men are WRONG!

And here’s why.  It all has to do with their testosterone levels.  Low testosterone drastically affects:

  • Sex Drive and Libido
  • Erection Size and Hardness
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Memory and Mood

So men, there is a solution and it’s a simple one.  Look for a scientifically researched and clinically tested male enhancement supplement designed to dramatically increase the free testosterone in your body and help you not only regain the glory of your youth but also become the man you’ve always wanted to be.  Yes…the ULTIMATE MALE!

Be sure to find the proper enhancement that will boost free testosterone levels, sex drive and libido, maximize peak erection size and improve mood, energy and focus.  A tested and proven male enhancement supplement will safely dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow and help you experience a significant improvement in erectile quality, size and erection hardness.

Look for enhanced male performance in terms of erection hardness, fullness, and size.  Others are intended to improving fertility in men with low sperm count while increasing testosterone levels.

There is a cautionary side to the testosterone saga.  Because of its invaluable uses, testosterone is currently abused far and wide.  Bodybuilders use it as a shortcut to gain muscles and at times are prone to overdoses.

As a result, the hormone overreacts with their bodies.  They become violent and irritable.  The Harvard Medical School and the FDA discourage the abuse of testosterone supplements in such cases.  Their effects can be devastating when not being regulated.

Accordingly, you should undergo a thorough check before taking any form of supplementation.  Only senior men are recommended to use testosterone boosters and even then they should then be closely monitored by their prescribers.

The Prostate, Prostate, Prostate

When testosterone production goes down, the space it used to occupy gets replaced by fat.  The fat affects the veins that carry blood to the penis.  As a result, your prostate may enlarge and you may not achieve a full erection.  Without proper care including a recommended exercise program, you may fall victim to the following contributors:

  1. Age – As you age, your testosterone levels go down. The Endocrine Society reveals that men lose 1% of testosterone each year after they turn 30.  When there are few productions of testosterone, the testes shrink.
  2. Obesity – Obesity is carrying too much weight than recommended by a doctor or nutritionists, usually brought about by poor dieting and lack of physical exercise. Other forms of obesity may be genetic.  This condition puts men under many health risks including prostate cancer.
  3. Surgery – According to studies published in The International Journal of Impotence Research (, 71% of men experience penis shrinkage after prostate surgery. The shrinkage may be a result of interference with muscles during surgery.  Tissue muscles may become smaller affecting the size of the erection.  The sudden enlargement of the penis may bring complications to the operated organ.  It may burst open or even react with the ingredients in the supplements and collapse.  You should be careful when taking supplements after any form of surgery.  Surgeries are sensitive, and the necessary precautions should be taken.
  4. Smoking – Prolonged smoking causes damage to organs. Chemicals found in cigarettes corrode blood vessels as well.  The flow of blood in the penis determines its size.  According to a study by the Boston University of Medicine, smoking inhibits the flow of blood to the penis.  When the chemicals from the cigarettes destroy the blood vessels, they are not able to pump enough blood to the penis.  Instead, they sustain injuries that won’t allow them to carry more blood.  Therefore, the penis remains small even after achieving an erection.  It is also likely to be flaccid.  At this point, boosting testosterone may not help.  The blood vessels may burst causing internal bleeding which can be fatal.  The only solution would be to visit the urologist.  They will conduct a full diagnosis and depending on the effect of smoking may or may not recommend a safe method.

To conclude, not all situations can be solved by using testosterone boosters.  Some reasons are well supported if determined by an urologist.  Still others may become worse after consuming testosterone boosters.

While testosterone boosters are essential in enhancing the penis size, some factors that cause or hinder any performance with your penis are plain simple.  What you need to do is change your lifestyle.

The Best Choice For Male Enhancement Is…

So, what’s your best option for male enhancement products?

Having investigated all your options, the best choice is pills or supplements in pill form…with a few conditions.

First, you shouldn’t take any medication without a doctor’s supervision.  A professional can help you balance any preexisting health conditions and advise you on the safest option.

Second, you should do your homework on any medication before you begin taking it.  There are a lot of pills out there that claim to be miracle drugs but in fact contain inferior or downright unsafe ingredients.

Ideally, any drug you try should have successful, legitimate medical studies to its name which prove value and safety.

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