User Reviews

“This pill really works as it claims and best of all no sides. My local store was out and I could not find them anywhere. I was fortunate to have found Maxmale and so was my wife.”

– Dean S

“Gives me a big swell and allot of vascularity for a spectacular woody with no side effects. And it lasted for 7 days!”

– Joe A

“I took the Maxmale pill and they are like rocket fuel. One thing I notices is that I was able to do it several times within an hour which I had not been able to do for years.”

– Rich M

“So in trying this plant-based over the counter supplement I was not expecting much if anything. I took it and within an hour I noticed a swell like never before. This herbal supplement lasted 6 full days and the sensitivity was heightened in everything felt much heavier down below all smiles here.”

– Fuo

“The thing that I noticed the most is my level of horniness. My desire is definitely more than normal. And that’s saying something because my whole life I have always operated a super high horny level”

– Joseph M

“I’ve had amazing results with Maxmale. Feels natural and I’ve had no side effects. What I really like is its longevity. I don’t have to pop a pill everytime I want to have sex. I take it once a week and I’m good to go.”

– Doran A