There’s a little secret that’s not even really that much of a secret – attractiveness isn’t about how ideal your bone structure is or how symmetrical your face is.

The things that attract women to men are usually more about their personality than their looks.

How many times have you seen a knockout girl walking down the street holding hands with some ugly guy?  “I bet he’s rich,” you might think to yourself.

Maybe – but maybe he just knows that his personality and the way he carries himself are more important than other factors.

Let’s take a look at how a regular guy can attract women without looking like Brad Pitt.

Be Confident!

You already know this one, right?  Confident men rule the world.

The trick is to be confident without being arrogant – a difficult line to cross.

Put yourself in a beautiful woman’s shoes (not literally, but no judgment here!).  Every day, you’re getting approached by men in all kinds of situations; at the gym, at work, at the coffee shop, at the bar.  All kinds of men – rich, poor, tall, short, and so on and so forth.

Who stands out?  Is it the guy who mumbles his way through the conversation and can’t make eye contact?

Is it the one who acts like buying a drink guarantees you’ll have sex with him?

Or is it the one who knows that he brings a lot to the table, and wants to get to know you?

The choice is pretty clear.

Listen as Much as You Talk, If Not More

OK – back in your own shoes now.  Way too many men think that they need to talk, talk, talk to be charming or to set themselves apart.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Women are verbal creatures.  They’re attuned to every little nuance in conversations they have, from the things that are said and even to the spaces between lines.  So while you’re talking to her, sure, make some jokes, be kind and confident, but most important, PAY ATTENTION!

If she’s interested, she’ll give you little verbal (and non-verbal) cues to let you know.

These could be laughing at your jokes even when they’re not funny, making plans or talking about “next time” you might get together, playing with her hair, and certainly any time she touches you.

If you’re blathering on, talking about yourself, bragging about your car or career, and not paying attention to her cues, you’re going to miss them – and you’re going to miss your shot.

So listen to what she has to say.

A good, flirty conversation will have plenty of back and forth, so remember she’s an equal participant and treat her as such.

Think About What She Wants

So, you’ve struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman, you’re listening, you’re having fun and being confident.

Now it’s time to find out what she wants.

Imagine three women:

  • A 21-year-old senior in college
  • A 27-year-old professional
  • A 36-year-old single mom who just got divorced

Do you think they’ll all have the same desires when it comes to sex and relationships?  Or more likely, will they have their own specific goals when it comes to men?

If you’re comfortable with what she wants, let her know.  For example, the single mom we mentioned above might just want to have some casual fun with adults from time to time.   Press too hard for a relationship, and she’ll say sayonara.

Every woman is different, of course. You’ll have to find out what she wants.

And how do you do that?  LISTEN!

We guarantee she’ll let you know.

Last Thoughts

We hope it’s clear by this point – women are attracted to confident men who listen to them and put her wants first.

But that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. It’s important to stay healthy and clean.  Make sure you smell nice and dress well (this doesn’t mean you have to wear $10,000 suits – just stay clad in well-fitting, clean clothes).

Make sure you exercise and get your supplements – when you’ve attracted women, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of your “special” time with them!

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